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Le chapon aux truffes

Le chapon aux truffles


A capon is a male chicken that is castrated at a young age, and then fed a rich diet of milk or porridge.  Larger than a chicken, a bit smaller than a turkey, but more flavorful than either, capons are full breasted with tender, juicy, flavorful meat that is well suited to roasting.  It is also relatively fatty and has a high proportion of white meat.  Our “Saraburi” free-range capon is slow-roasted and stuffed with black truffles.

Key ingredients:  Free-range capon, black truffles, shallots, herbs, natural juice

03 Kg .  Suitable for 5/6 persons as main course

Served with 02 X truffle mashed potatoes, 02 X baked baby potatoes and 02 X Provençal vegetable “Tian” tartlets


Re-heating & Serve at home:

  1. Set oven to 160
  2. Remove content from the vacuum bags and spread into the baking tray. Reheat for a minimum of 10 minutes, or until you reach desired temperature.
  3. Do not use Microwave