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La côte de boeuf aux sarments

La côte de boeuf aux sarments


Côte de boeuf aux sarments, our Aged Australian Black Angus prime rib is grilled and smoked over vine shoots (sarments in french) and served with a traditional bone marrow-shallot red wine sauce.  In Bordeaux,  vine shoots are used to barbecue meat.  Ours are produced from dried and natural remains of the grape vine from Khao Yai wineries.

Key ingredients:  Aged Australian Black Angus prime rib, bone marrow-shallot red wine sauce

1 kg bone in.  Suitable for 2/3 persons as main course

Served with 01 X truffle mashed potatoes, 01 X baked baby potatoes and 01 X Provençal vegetable “Tian” tartlets


Re-heating & Serve at home:

  1. Set oven to 160
  2. Remove content from the vacuum bags and spread into the baking tray.  Reheat for a minimum of 07 minutes, or until you reach desired temperature.
  3. Do not use Microwave